A Brief Demo of SonarG – The Database Security Lake

A Brief Demo of SonarC2 – the Security and Compliance Data Lake 

Using SonarK to Query Data in SonarG and SonarC2

Long-term SonarG/SonarC2 retention using on-prem Object Stores or Cloud Storage

See how Fast a Security Cloud can be – Improved Cloud Storage Speeds in 3.1

Workflow in SonarG/SonarC2

Automating the management of trusted connection lists using SonarG

Using jSonar to Monitor Azure SQL

Using jSonar to Monitor Azure SQL – WITH REDACTION!

Using jSonar to Monitor Azure CosmosDB

A Demo of SQL and Tableau Access on SonarG/SonarC2 data 

Splunk Directly Accessing Data in SonarG/SonarC2 

Integrating SonarG/SonarC2 with Your Data Lake (Hadoop, Spark and Kafka)

A Demo of Alteryx Pulling Data from SonarG/SonarC2 

Rich Visualization and Dashboard using JSON Studio on SonarG/SonarC2 data