Imperva has acquired jSonar

Joining forces to become the industry’s first end-to-end data security platform, delivering unmatched capabilities for analytics, protection and response wherever your data lives.

After spending a staggering amount of money and time on data security tools, did you get what you expected?


Information Security teams are struggling to manage database risk, plagued by high costs and output typically limited to a basic set of compliance reports. Legacy Data Activity Monitoring and native logging solutions are failing to transform raw data into security insights that are the key to success.

The dilemma

Database risk management is even more challenging with the adoption of cloud and a highly dynamic landscape of modern data systems. Today, enterprises have shifted focus from compliance to data security while also demanding lower costs and more measurable benefits.

Meet jSonar

The only all-in-one platform that’s built for simplifying today’s complex and costly approach to database security. Stop wasting money and time on methods that require special skills, cost an arm and a leg, and don’t give you the coverage or capabilities needed to achieve a highly effective database security program.

The future of database security is here

Expand your coverage, centralizing activity from disparate sources into a single, comprehensive view. With over 60 integrations and counting, you’ll scale with speed and get a 360-degree view of your environment across on-premise and cloud.

  • Any database auditing function
  • Cloud data sources: IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS
  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tools
  • Metadata and enrichments including CMDB, IAM, SIEM, SOAR & even ITSM
  • Essential profiling data such as vulnerability assessments, entitlements, and classification

Let us show you why people trust jSonar

Our customers are made up of some of the largest finance, insurance, and healthcare organizations in the nation.