DCAP-Central provides a development-less solution for integrating Security and Compliance across on-premise and cloud data silos

jSonar today announced the availability of its DCAP-Central Security and Compliance platform, the industry’s first out-of-the-box Security and Compliance Data Lake that provides a critical integration platform adhering to the DCAP requirements established by The Gartner Group. DCAP-Central implements these requirements by “providing a single management console that enables the application and orchestration of security and compliance policies consistently across multiple data security products and silos”. According to the Gartner Group, key research findings indicate: an exponential growth in data generation, large numbers of data silos and no coordination, constant movement of data transposed by digital business processes and few vendors able to provide comprehensive Data-Centric Audit and Protection solutions.

DCAP-Central delivers a low cost “out-of-the box” Security Data Lake that instantly provides the scalability, data accessibility and flexibility needed to fully leverage years of security data retention generated by numerous disparate tools. DCAP-Central, without development, easily integrates into existing enterprise security infrastructures for on-premise or cloud based services and provides a single platform and console for years of low cost data retention, intelligent reporting and advanced analytics. Key DCAP-Central benefits include:

  • Easy Big Data Scale: Transform commodity servers into low cost/high performance petabyte-scale security data lakes. Alternatively, get the DCAP-Central Lake as a service on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Universal Data Lake: Ingest and transform any data into JSON formats to take advantage of a ultra-high speed compressed-columnar data store architecture that also allows the use of existing security and data tools (e.g. Splunk, Kibana, SQL, Tableau, Python and others)
  • Integration and Orchestration: Easily ingest, enrich and integrate data from various data silos and tools into a centralized data retention and analysis platform.
  • Process Optimization: Transform manual security processes into intelligent fully automated workflows that enable increased data security control and visibility while reducing costs.
  • AI-Enriched UEBA: Apply built-in machine learning algorithms to the data in the lake to derive insights and actionable anomalies across data silos

DCAP-Central: The out-of-the-box audit and protection platform

DCAP-Central is powered by jSonar’s underlying SonarC2 advanced analytics technology, providing a NoSQL-based compressed columnar analytic engine to create Security Data Lakes that enables cost effective capture, retention, management and analysis of Petabytes of security data representing years of data collection. The DCAP- Central architecture enables easy integration into existing security and IT systems by including out-of-the-box interfaces to a wide range of data sources and reporting tools.

As a dynamic-schema solution, any type of data can be immediately ingested into the lake and readily used to enrich other data sets that have already been captured. This allows users to easily join related information to boost the context and value of all the data. Breaking free of the limitations of individual tool reporting facilities and limited SIEM accessibility, users are able to independently explore compliance data with whatever tools that are currently used. In addition, interfaces are included to easily develop custom analytical algorithms. Finally, cumbersome manual processes associated with most security and compliance tools can be automated to execute reports and govern an entire security/compliance process via a fully automated and customized work flow. DCPA-Central’s out-of-the-box solution delivers an easy path to high productivity without the high cost and long development cycles typically required for custom data security and compliance lake initiatives.

“In their quest for increased data security and compliance standards, enterprises continue to invest in numerous disparate tools that create unmanageable data silos,” said Ron Bennatan, CEO and Cofounder of jSonar. “DCAP-Central enables the integration of these various data silos into a unified data lake and analytics platform that results in more efficient and effective security and compliance initiatives, while enabling organizations to create a Data-Centric Audit and Protection strategy.”

DCAP-Central is immediately available. Please contact info@jsonar.com for pricing and evaluation software.

About jSonar
jSonar provides next-generation security and compliance solutions for On-Premise and Cloud implementations based upon its advanced SonarC2 technology. Complete, “out-of-the box” Security Data Lakes and DCAP solutions can be deployed and delivering value within days and weeks rather than the years needed to develop an in-house platform. Underlying all solutions is a powerful NoSQL, compressed–columnar data store coupled with analytical engines that enable ultra-high performance and cost-effective capture, retention, management and AI-enhanced analysis of security data.