Provides comprehensive security and compliance support for MongoDB Atlas, enabling enterprises to securely accelerate workload migration to cloud-based Atlas services

jSonar, a leader in database security and DCAP solutions has released the newest version of its SONAR database security analytics platform. The release builds upon a Database Security 2.0 initiative that delivers unified database security and compliance regardless of the database technology or hosting strategy: on-prem, public cloud, containers, hybrid/multi cloud or DBaaS are all supported. With this release, jSonar is also the first to provide advanced security, threat detection and compliance management for MongoDB Atlas, the industry’s leading NoSQL database.

The jSonar platform now supports over 20 cloud databases (both relational and non-relational), including leading cloud-based services from AWS, Azure, GCP and now MongoDB Atlas. By unifying activity from a variety of disparate sources into a single view of all database activity across the enterprise, customers are able to apply a consistent set of policies and reporting decoupled from activity data collection methods. Beyond traditional compliance reporting, the platform also delivers powerful pre-built UEBA engines that leverage AI and Machine Learning technology to rapidly isolate behavioral anomalies unique to data access.

“Enterprise customers are rapidly migrating key workloads to MongoDB Atlas and best in class security and compliance are critical components for this shift,” said Andrew Davidson, Director, Cloud Products at MongoDB. “This initiative enables our customers to rapidly incorporate a comprehensive database security platform into their migration strategy, further simplifying and accelerating their transformation efforts.”

“jSonar and MongoDB have collaborated to seamlessly integrate jSonar’s DCAP-based security and compliance capabilities with MongoDB Atlas, the world’s leading database for modern applications,” said Ron Bennatan, co-founder and CTO at jSonar. “Once activated, security and compliance data becomes immediately available for reporting, alerting, behavioral profiling and many other capabilities regardless of how you deploy MongoDB.”

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jSonar provides next-generation security and compliance solutions for On-Premise and Cloud implementations focused on helping clients link their overarching security and compliance controls with the underlying tools and processes required for successful execution. Based upon its advanced SonarC2 technology, both large scale Security Data Lakes and DCAP focused solutions can be deployed and delivering value within days and weeks rather than the years needed to develop an in-house platform.